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Our Impact

A Parent/Carer view:

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for all of the invaluable support you have given Jack and us as a family with a young person who has challenges.

Jack came to youth club, some 10 years ago. Jack had no confidence and a severe speech and language disorder. Over the years there has been an incredible change in the young man Jack has grown to be now 21 years old.

The support is on many levels with personal care, pastoral care, life skills, social skills and educational/skill-based achievements.

Jack could not socialise with his peers when he started at youth club, he always reached out to adults and sought their company. The Seeds4Success (S4S) team have helped Jack to find the confidence to be able to instigate conversation, to join in, to be part of something outside home and school. Having any kind of difficulty sets a young person apart, at youth club he could be part of something which extended into the community which gave confidence with people in the outside world.

The community projects Jack has been involved with has given him valuable experience with the public, communicating can be difficult for him. Confidence is key for him moving forward.

Jack has achieved a food and hygiene certificate, a first aid certificate and a strimming certificate. All because the S4S team have the time and dedication to organise the courses. Jack has work experience because he has been at S4S, improving his chances of work as a young disabled person in the work place. With the S4S team’s assistance, Jack got his first part time job, which he has held for over a year at The Lamb Inn as a kitchen porter. Jack also now assists part time at The Beckford Arms as assistant housekeeper. These roles are additional to his continued voluntary work at Hindon Village stores and volunteering at S4S.

I can say, hand on heart, without the S4S team Jack would not have had the opportunities he has had. S4S is the most extraordinary organisation, endless support - day and night. There isn't a thing Jaki doesn't know or place she can refer you to. Those links are vital and are hard to find, especially to a stressed out mum who doesn't know where to turn.

Our young people are already at a disadvantage by the nature of who they are, I can't help feeling that Seeds4Success (S4S) goes an incredibly long way to challenging that and gives so many of the tools they need in life.

So, thank you all - you're all brilliant 


A Young Person’s View:

Over the past two/three years I have been extremely involved in Seeds4Success (S4S). When my health went downhill, as well as my family life, I stopped attending education, and my mental health worsened. I have a lot of struggles in my family life and have always had problems with my mental health but once I stopped socialising at school, grew distant from my friends as well as being under constant pressure from the school threatening to fine my parents, it dropped extremely low.

We reached out to S4S to ask for help as school were offering no support and were not comprising; I was told me about Building Bridges and asked if I’d want support from the programme.

Seeds4Success have given unbelievable support; came with us to school meetings and helped arrange online schooling with my school, gave us transport to all meetings and helped with some transport to hospital appointments. I then finished school being able to attain two 6s in English and Maths! I received support with my application for Salisbury college and it was suggested to me to come along to the National Citizen Service (NCS) team that S4S were running as all the qualifications and experience would help my applications for a part time job.

S4S then supported me with my anxiety around going on NCS and I couldn’t be more grateful, I’ve made friends for life and unforgettable memories as well as amazing experience to help towards my future. Since NCS, I now do so much with S4S: young leaders, youth committee, health and well-being and drop in sessions. I love being able to see everyone I became such good friends with over the Summer. I have now almost finished my college course, have two part time jobs, and have been offered multiple apprenticeships.

I really don’t know what I’d do without youth club, if it wasn’t for Seeds4Success I wouldn’t be in college, employed, accessing mental health support from CAMHS and I’m surrounded by so many supportive friends.


Views from the Community:

"As someone who was helping at the fete on Sunday, I want to say thank you to your young helpers who came to help us out.  They were so charming and friendly and worked very hard, a real credit to Seeds4Success.

I am sure you will have been thanked officially but I felt I must add my thanks too."


"Everyone in Ebbesbourne Wake is hugely appreciative of what you and your team have done to help in the clearing of our footpaths.  It has made a huge difference and dog walkers and riders are very pleased not to have to battle their way through the jungle!"


"This is a short letter to thank you all so much for helping us out with the above project. 
It was an absolute privilege for me to be able to work with you and your excellent ‘Seeds4Success’ youth group based in Mere. Under your tutelage and Alex Howson’s gentle directions you all did much of the pre and post site preparations.  
I was truly amazed at the way your young charges moved all the heavy stuff on site; waded in and cleared the stream area whilst others were involved in constructing both access sleeper/boardwalks over separate sessions.   
The young people were enthusiastic, courteous, listened carefully to instructions and were very adept in moving extremely heavy items as well as employing tools and techniques very familiar to the adult ‘Heavy Gang’ we work with once a month throughout  South Wiltshire. I was most impressed with how clean and tidy you all left the site at the end.  
Please pass on our grateful thanks to all those involved. Your contribution to this venture (and all the others you do as well) is invaluable. Keep up the good work! "


On behalf of everyone involved I want to say a special thank you to you and your young team for the brilliant way you all engaged in our 30th Anniversary celebrations last Saturday. 


They were a credit to your service and to everyone who engages with them at the youth club, I had so many comments on their positive attitudes and politeness, they all worked hard. 

I did say that we could not have had such a resounding success without you all and I meant it, the number of people who attended (80+) was more than we had expected and it would have seen us rushing around to keep them all fed and watered if it had not been for your involvement.

Leisure credits well earned!